Be Heard, Be Found Digital Marketing Workshops

Digital Marketing Workshops

Occurring in 3 convenient locations throughout Vermont this August, join us for an afternoon of digital marketing workshops that will help you build a game plan of next steps fitting for all starting points. Offered in three locations around the state, you can choose to attend the workshop closest to you. You only need to attend one of the […]

Fourth of July Cookout Recipes Using Vermont Maple


Planning a Fourth of July cookout or need ideas for a dish to bring? We’ve got you covered with some new twists on old favorites, all featuring the best sweetener in nature: pure Vermont maple syrup (and maple sugar!). Burgers are always a favorite and while we love the flavor of ground local beef, this […]

Study Confirms That Maple Is Golden for Vermont’s Economy


  Vermont’s maple industry contributed between $317 and $330 million in total sales to the state’s economy in 2013, according to a recently completed economic contribution study conducted for the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association by the Center for Rural Studies at the University of Vermont. The industry added between $140 and $144 million to […]

Holiday Baking with Maple Syrup or Sugar


The holidays are a time for family and friends, to reflect on the year that is almost passed and the potential for the new year ahead. The holiday season wouldn’t be complete, however, without the delicious smells of home cooking wafting through the house. In our homes, we enjoy finding new ways to use maple syrup […]

Substituting Your Sugar


Did you know that it’s easy to substitute maple syrup for other regular uses of sugar?  Maple syrup can be a delicious way to liven up an old favorite by bringing maple’s unique flavor to a dish.  Better still, it’s also a healthy way to sweeten your food and beverages as maple syrup is high in healthful […]

What is Real Maple?


Vermont maple syrup has been made for generations by hard-working Vermonters.  Folks who are passionate about their role in preserving the beautiful forests of the Green Mountain State and proud to be producing award-winning maple syrup.  People who respect their legacy and heritage but are eager to innovate and improve their craft. It’s no mystery, then, that clever […]

Everyday Uses for Maple


If you are like us, you don’t feel like making pancakes every morning but you might have coffee or tea every morning.  Have you ever thought about using Vermont Maple Syrup to sweeten your coffee or tea?  Maple syrup is the perfect sweetener for these beverages as there is no issue with dissolving as there can […]

New Grades Come to Vermont


For years, Vermont maple syrup has been divided into one of four grades based on color and flavor.  As consumer preference has changed over the past century, so too has the grading system evolved to provide a more accurate description based on consumer preference.  The names of each grade, however, did not necessarily provide a […]

Vermont’s Working Landscapes


For generations, Vermont’s sugar makers have carefully tended to their land, to the fields and the forests.  Being such a rural state, Vermonters place a great value on the health and vitality of our surroundings because most of us live and work among such natural beauty.  And through that stewardship we are able to consistently […]

The Vermont Maple Experience


We might be biased, but we know that Vermont maple syrup is delicious.  And we know that it is one of the most healthy sweeteners you can find, with higher counts of manganese, riboflavin, zinc, and magnesium than white cane sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup or even honey.  Not only does it pack a wallop […]