Discover Vermont Maple Winter

Welcome to Vermont Maple during the heart of our winter season! Experience beautiful blue skies, crisp mountain air, and sugar maple trees sparkling with crystals of glittering frost. Maple in winter is the dormant state in which the trees have stored the starch in the root tissues and are awaiting the warmer sunlight of spring to […]

It’s Spring…Maple Season Begins!

It all begins here…Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is made in early spring from crystal clear natural sugar maple tree sap. When spring temperatures reach 45 degrees F during the day and nights remain below freezing (25 degrees F is perfect), in March and April, the sugarmaker drills a hole in the trunk of the Sugar […]

Maple Days of Summer

In summer, bright green leaves on sugar maple trees combine sunlight, carbon dioxide from the air, water and soil nutrients through photosynthesis to produce food energy in the form of sugar for tree growth. Discover Vermont Maple at Farmers Markets,  Fairs and Field Days throughout the state. Look for us in the Vermont Building at the […]

Vermont Maple in Autumn

Discover the magic of Vermont in Autumn, as Mother Nature uses our maple sugar trees to paint the mountainsides with vibrant colors. Trails through the sugar woods are littered with colorful carpets of Autumn leaves. Fall frosts bring on spectacular maple leaf color displays causing tree food energy (sugar) to be converted into starch and […]