Join the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association and help to maintain the proud tradition of Vermont maple syrup production. Working to promote and protect Vermont maple syrup, to maintain its high quality and to work on its behalf with the State of Vermont and other appropriate organizations.  Sign up below or download the form.

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** To be a voting member in this category, you must have set at least 100 taps and/or produced 25 gallons of maple syrup in two of the last five years and be a member in good standing as stated in the By-Laws.
Non voting member (a Vermont Maple producer with less than 100 taps or any person, company or organization with an interest in supporting the Vermont Maple industry.)
** A voting member in this category must be a member in good standing as stated in the By-Laws.

Maple Related Publications

2015 Grade Kit and Promotional Materials

Please Note: Any combination of grade kit, brochures or postcards will result in a $6.50 shipping charge being added to your total due. Promotional materials such as brochures are only available to Producer and Industry Members. If you need to purchase more of any items, please do so on our separate Supplies page. We apologize for any inconvenience.
The 2015 Grade Kit is made to follow the new Vermont grade standards: Golden Color/Delicate Taste; Amber Color/Rich Taste; Dark Color/Robust Taste; Very Dark Color/Strong Taste.
Each Producer and Industry Member is eligible to receive 100 complimentary copies of our 24 page Consumer Guide Brochures.
5”-x-7” cards explain why Vermont has adopted new grading standards and what consumers can expect from each grade of syrup.
If any of the above items were selected, please select the $6.50 shipping. Thank you.

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Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association

Founded in 1893, the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association (VMSMA) is one of the oldest known agricultural organizations in the country. While the Vermont maple industry has changed a bit since then, the mission of this non-profit organization to be an advocate for the Vermont maple industry and its producers has not. Here in Vermont, VMSMA has always believed in maintaining the highest standards in the world for the production and quality of pure maple products, while still maintaining a prosperous maple industry and a working landscape that future generations will enjoy.

The VMSMA also helps to promote and protect the branding of pure Vermont maple products. One way they do this is by making available to their members an assortment of plastic retail maple syrup containers along with a large selection of other packaging and promotional supplies. Check-out our “Benefits & Services” page to see the many great things only our members get to enjoy. Each year VMSMA helps to host maple schools throughout the state in order to educate the maple producers of Vermont and other maple producing regions on new and more effective ways to produce quality maple syrup. This organization has become known as the “official voice” for Vermont sugarmakers and represents them in many local, state and international organizations.



This Map Shows the Distribution of VMSMA Members

By becoming a member of the Vermont Sugar Makers’ Association, your support will help to protect and maintain a healthy maple industry in Vermont for generations to come! Please join VMSMA by filling out and mailing-in the application form.