Taft’s Milk and Maple Farm (Chittenden)

Bruce Taft
1470 Taft Road, Huntington, VT 05462
Sugarhouse Address: 674 Camel’s Hump Rd Huntington VT 05462
email  |  www.vtmaplesyrup.com
Phone: 802-434-2727  |  Fax: 802-434-7437

Open House Weekend: Boiling – weather permitting. Free Samples – syrup, candy, fudge, donuts w/maple cream. For Sale – syrup, cotton candy, candy, maple cream, sugar Open Saturday and Sunday.

Directions: Main road, Huntington Center, southbound – left turn on to Camel’s Hump Rd 1/2 mile to “Y”, right at “Y”, sugarhouse on right.

Products: maple syrup, maple cream, maple candy, maple sugar

Services: retail, open house weekend, maple by mail, open all year