Vermont Maple Candies

Vermont Maple Candy…it’s what your sweet tooth has been begging for…pure, delicious, and naturally good for you!


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These pure Maple Candies are made by concentrating the maple syrup further than for maple cream. The hot thickened syrup is stirred while hot until it crystallizes and is then poured into rubber molds where it cools. Always look for the pure product. One that says, “blended” will have been mixed with granulated white cane sugar.

Hint: use these wonderful treats instead of sugar cubes in coffee, tea or lemonade.





Storage tips: Maple candies keep well at room temperature and placed on a plate, tray or in a box exposed to the air. It’s not necessary to close them in a container. Do not refrigerate as it will cause them to draw moisture when removed and white melted spots will develop.