Vermont Maple Cream

Vermont Maple Cream is a thick and creamy spread made from pure maple syrup…there’s nothing like it!

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Maple Cream is a pure and natural spread made from pure maple syrup that has more of the water boiled away. It’s cooled and then stirred to a thick and creamy texture. There’s no dairy product in it. It’s used most often as a spread for toast, French toast and English muffins. There’s nothing better for frosting warm cinnamon buns and raised doughnuts than pure maple cream!

Maple Cream Cheese Dip:  8 ounces of softened cream cheese and 8 ounces of Pure Vermont Maple Cream. Cream together. Excellent dip for fresh fruit.



Storage tips: Store in refrigerator, even before it’s opened. Travels well out of refrigeration for about a week. Separation of some syrup in the cream is natural, just stir before each use. Cream can be frozen to keep longer. It will not separate while frozen. Never microwave as it will melt back into syrup.