Vermont Maple Sugar

Vermont Maple Sugar…the perfect ingredient!

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Pure Vermont Granulated Maple Sugar is made when every bit of water in the maple syrup is boiled away. It’s then stirred while very hot allowing any water that is left to evaporate as steam. The resulting dry pure granular maple sugar can be substituted one for one anywhere you use white processed granulated sugar. Experience maple in new ways! Sprinkle some over fresh sliced tomatoes to draw out the flavor and cut the acidity. Sprinkle over grapefruit halves and place under the broiler until they just start to caramelize. Taste the great maple flavor when added to coffee, tea and lemonade. Sprinkle over hot cereal or whipped cream for a sparkling maple finish. Enjoy this pure, all natural sweetener full of healthy benefits and bursting with great maple flavor!



Storage tips: Store in a tightly closed container. If your maple sugar does become hard, place a slice of bread on top of the sugar and close the container. The moisture in the bread will be just enough to soften the maple sugar.