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Maple Resources

Maple Information and Resources

Vermont Maple Regulations

Vermont Maple Product Regulations: Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets

Vermont State Statute: Title 6 Agriculture, Chapter 32 Maple Products 

University of Vermont

Flavor: UVM Extension Maple Syrup Grading Fundamentals -

Density: UVM Extension Maple Syrup Grading Fundamentals -

Color: UVM Extension Maple Syrup Grading Fundamentals -

Clarity: UVM Extension Maple Syrup Grading Fundamentals -

UVM Proctor Maple Research Center: 

UVM Extension Maple: 

UVM Proctor Maple Research Center Educational Videos:  

UVM Extension Maple Development: agriculture/maple/bizmodules/ upcoming-events   

UVM Extension Ag Business Programs: at UVM Extension Ag Business Programs with access to reports, outreach publications, recent presentations and maple benchmarking enrollment information
North American Maple Syrup Council (NAMSC):
 Database of recent (20+ yrs) maple research and information - ture/vermont-maple-minute-0  

Vermont Maple Bulletin: 

Maple Manager: agriculture/maple/bizmodules

Maple Publications

Maple Syrup Digest:

The Maple News:

Maple Statistics 

USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service:;

United States Maple Producer Associations 

Indiana Maple Syrup Association 

Maine Maple Producers Association

Maple Syrup Producers Association of Connecticut 

Michigan Maple Syrup Association 

Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Association

New Hampshire Maple Producers Association

New York State Maple Association 

Ohio Maple Producers Association 

Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association 

Canadian Maple Producer Associations

Citadelle Maple Syrup Producer’s Cooperative of Quebec

Fédération des producteurs acéricoles du Québec

Maple Syrup Producers of Nova Scotia

New Brunswick Maple Syrup Producers Association

Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association

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