Member Marketing


Publicize Local Maple Events

VMSMA members and Vermont maple county associations are invited to send information about upcoming local maple events to: email. Please send your information as early as possible and include contact information, dates, times and other pertinent details.



Register for Website Listing and Maple Open House Weekend

We invite you to list your Vermont sugarhouse or hospitality property on the Vermont maple syrup website by filling out this registration form and sending it in with your payment.

Our publicity program includes mentions of the website in magazine and newspaper articles and links to the Vermont maple website from media websites. Sugarmakers must be a current member of the VMSMA in order to register for a website listing.


There are two ways to sign up: 

1) Print out this form and mail it to the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association, or

2)  Sign up online and make a payment either through PayPal or by sending a check (online form and Paypal coming soon).