Vermont’s Working Landscapes

For generations, Vermont’s sugar makers have carefully tended to their land, to the fields and the forests.  Being such a rural state, Vermonters place a great value on the health and vitality of our surroundings because most of us live and work among such natural beauty.  And through that stewardship we are able to consistently make one of our signature products: pure, delicious Vermont maple syrup.

Each spring, we tap the Sugar Maple trees that dot our hillsides and collect the sap so that we can make maple syrup.  Unlike vegetable crops that are largely replanted each season, we rely upon trees that are decades old or older, some that are well more than a hundred years old!  This connection through many generations gives Vermont’s sugar makers a unique sense of duty.  Caring for the woods and the lands isn’t just about making syrup this year or next, but about a commitment to the next generations that they too will be able to share in this rich heritage.

So the next time you are enjoying Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, think about the hard work that has gone on for generations, deep in the woods of Vermont, to bring that great maple syrup to your table!

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