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Jobs in Maple

Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association: Certification Manager (PT)

The Certification Manager is the main point of contact for VMSMA’s Sugarhouse Certification Program and will become a trusted resource for Vermont’s sugar makers. They are responsible for coordination of all aspects of the Sugarhouse Certification Program. This includes keeping up to date on any changes in food safety regulations or best practices, ensuring the Checklist and Program resources are regularly reviewed and updated, supervising Certifiers, answering questions from sugar makers, writing educational information for VMSMA member newsletters, attending meetings and answering questions related to the Program and food safe practices. The Certification Manager may also perform onsite Certifications from time to time, as needed, or to train or assess Certifiers.

    Compensation: $28/hr, salaried at 16 hours per week, plus mileage 

    Read the full job description here 

    To apply: Email cover letter and resume to by April 28, 2023


Green Robin Farm:
Maple Tap & Line set up and Manager for 2023/2024 Season

Reinvigorated family farm in Plainfield, VT is seeking a skilled person to manage sugaring operations on 300 acres beginning Fall  2023. The farm will invest in and own all taps and lines.

What we need from you: Properly tap trees to ensure the long term health of the trees, run lines, and manage sugaring operations throughout the sugaring season. This would be a mutually beneficial financial relationship, reflective of work contribution and investment in a quality product that we can both be proud of. 

If you are interested in partnering with us, please email


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