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Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association

The Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association can help you find maple syrup to purchase and the perfect recipe to enjoy it. Maple…The Official Flavor of Vermont. 

Strawberry Maple Rhubarb Pie

This delicious recipe comes to us from Ashley at Adamant Kitchen. It's the season of strawberries and rhubarb. Our gardens are overflowing with these two summer ingredients. And more importantly, our spring…

Camp Snack For All Ages - Puppy Chow

This delicious recipe comes to us from the pros at Epicurious. Who doesn't need a quick and tasty treat for camping, picnics and other last minute gatherings? Ingredients for puppy chow: 2.5 ounces milk…

Maple Pork and Basil Dumplings

This recipe shows that maple is a staple in our kitchens! Sweet or savory, maple delivers a delicious and interesting twist on traditional dishes. This dish crossed our yum-radar when we read about it…
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