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Sugarhouse Certification Program

Sugarhouse Certification Program

Sugarhouse Certification Program
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The certification program of The Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association is designed to ensure that Vermont Maple remains the high-quality product it has always been.

Together, we have established clear rules and standards for syrup protection, because it’s only when we all commit to making products of the highest possible quality that we can protect the value and the brand of Vermont Maple.

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Review the Certification Checklist and other materials here:

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Sugarhouse Certification Program

VMSMA and Vermont sugar makers have always prioritized product quality and food safety. Our new Sugarhouse Certification Program closely examines quality and food safety issues to create an Operational Manual to maintain and improve syrup quality. This manual and the associated certification process will ensure sugar makers document and execute Good Manufacturing Practices to assure consumers and government regulators that our industry is diligent in its continued commitment to making safe, high quality syrup.

—David Tremblay, VMSMA Quality Director

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