Maple Supplies

Available to VMSMA Members Only


Maple Syrup Containers

The Vermont Maple Sugar Makers’ Association makes available to their members a complete line of premium plastic, metal and glass maple syrup containers. The VMSMA receives a royalty from the sales of these containers, which helps fund our yearly budget.

We offer six different sizes of plastic containers for maple syrup and two different size containers for maple cream. The smallest size is a 3.4 oz. jug (great for stocking stuffers) on up to a one-gallon container. We only sell plastic maple syrup containers that have been XL coated. We also carry a half-pound and one-pound plastic container for pure maple cream.

The metal containers are back with the old familiar design and are available in two sizes, 1-quart 4oz. and 1-pint 2oz. We are hoping to add a 1/2 gallon size in the future.

The design on the outside of these famous and well-recognized containers is owned by VMSMA and can only be used by our members. Please, join VMSMA today and starts using the container consumers are looking for. For a complete list of the container dealers in your area go to our Container Dealers page.

For a complete list in your area, go to our container dealers page.

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