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Audubon Vermont/Green Mountain Audubon Center

Kim Guertin
Sugarhouse Parking Area, Main Road Closest mailing address is: 214 Main Road Huntington, VT 05462
Saturday Open House Hours:
Sunday Open House Hours:
Open House Activities:
Audubon Vermont will host Sugar on Snow Parties on both Saturday and Sunday. We will offer free maple education programs to the public and demonstrate the traditional bucket sap collection and wood-fired maple syrup boiling techniques that are becoming more and more rare in our state. Our professional teacher-naturalists will lead free tours of the sugarbush and sugarhouse to explain the process of turning sap into syrup; while our conservation biologists from our Forest Bird Initiative will explain the management practices we have in place to foster breeding bird populations in our sugarbush. Audubon’s Sugar on Snow parties have been a tradition in Huntington for more than 40 years and ha
Open House Directions:
Audubon's sugarhouse is located on the Main Road in Huntington, 5 miles from the traffic light in downtown Richmond. Use the street address 214 Main Road in Huntington to find directions online.
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