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Mad River Distillers (Distiller)

Neil Goldberg
137 St. Paul St, Burlington, Vermont 05401
Open House Activities:
We have 2 very popular cocktails that feature Maple and will be on our menu for Maple Open House Weekend at our Burlington Tasting Room.

Maple Bourbon Sour:

2oz Mad River Bourbon
1 oz VT maple syrup
1 oz fresh lemon juice
Angostura bitters

Shake first 3 ingredients with ice
Strain into rocks glass over ice
Top with 4 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Espresso Martini:

1.25 oz Mad River Vanilla Rum
.5 oz Boyden Valley Maple Creme Liqueur
.25 oz Maple Syrup
2 oz Cold Brew Coffee

Shake all ingredients with ice
Strain and serve up in coupe glass
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