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Pure Gold Sugaring LLC

Certified Sugarhouse
This once garage turned sugarhouse was completely renovated in 2013. Now housing our maple syrup operation its complete with a kitchen/bottling room, packing room for syrup, and a cold room for storage of full drums. Best of all we still use wood as a fuel source burning an average of 20 cords of firewood each season.
Sugarmaker Details
  • Retail
  • Open Seasonally
  • Wholesale
  • Mail Order
  • Bulk syrup
Maple Products Offered
  • Maple sugar
  • Gift boxes/wedding favors
  • Maple cream
  • Maple syrup
  • Other specialty maple products

Open House Details

Open House Activities
Fresh samples of maple syrup!
Doughnuts and sugar on snow.
tours of our sugarhouse in operation weather depending.
Learn about the history of our maple operation along with the changes in technology over the four generations of sugar makers.
Tap a tree and check out some equipment and tools we use on a daily basis to get the sap from tree to syrup to table.
Hours of Operation
Saturday 9am - 4pm Sunday 9am -4pm
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