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Purinton Maple

Some of the trees on our farm have been tapped for 200 years! Our operation transformed from a 10,000 bucket operation, now we tap 17,000 taps on a vacuum tubing system. Enjoy our classic red Vermont sugar house and delicious maple treats in our maple shop! Learn about the rich maple history and modern day practices.
Sugarmaker Details
  • Wholesale
  • Bulk syrup
  • Retail
  • Open All Year
  • Mail Order
Maple Products Offered
  • Other specialty maple products
  • Maple syrup
  • Gift boxes/wedding favors
  • Maple candy
  • Maple cream
  • Maple sugar

Open House Details

Open House Activities
Learn about the maple sugaring process, watch us make syrup live, enjoy samples of various maple products, pancake breakfast
Hours of Operation
Saturday 9-3 Sunday 9-2
Open House Directions
The boil will be done in our classic red sugarhouse visible from the roadside.
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