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Certification Program Resources


Sugarhouse Certification Program Resources & Appendices

We've put together a collection of templates that can either give you a starting point for the required documentation or can help you enhance what you already have documented for your sugarhouse operations. They're available in individual Word documents, so you can print or download only what you need and adapt each of them to fit your sugarhouse. Some of the templates are written for specific models of equipment; you'll need to update these templates to reflect that actual equipment you have in your sugarhouse. (We're not suggesting that every piece of equipment is cleaned the same way!) The templates are labeled based on where they show up in the Sugarhouse Certification Checklist.


Section 2: Personnel

2.1 Sugarhouse operational manual

2.4 Sugarhouse Employee Hygiene Policy

2.4 Sugarhouse Handwashing Procedures & Policies

2.4 Staff training records on sanitation and hygiene

2.7 Visitor sign sharing food safety expectations

2.8 Visitor log

Section 3: Sap Collection & Storage

3.1 Sample Sugarbush Facility Map

3.1 Sample Sugarbush Map

3.3 Sample Sugaring Records

3.3 Policy for regular cleaning and inspection of bulk storage containers

Section 4: Sugarhouse & Grounds

4.1 Sugarhouse starting procedure

4.5 Policy on pest control

4.6 Documentation on chemicals

4.10 Training procedures for personnel on PPE

Section 5: Evaporating Processes

5.1 Policy for disposing of product

5.3 Policy on cleaning process and approved chemicals

5.3 RO cleaning procedure

5.7 Production procedures to eliminate allergens

5.8 Policy on separating outside food

5.11 Policy specifying storage of concentrate and sap

5.14 Sugarhouse boiling records

Section 6: Packing Syrup

6.1 Policy for packing and grading syrup according to Vermont standards

6.15 Bulk container records

Section 7: Storage & Traceability

7.1 System to create lot numbers

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